September 21, 2009

From Negativity to Positivity

Some of our responses to life situations have been learnt through the experiences or manipulations of others rather than through your own experiences because, thinking is hard, making value judgments is difficult and following others eliminates the need to think!

Some of the thoughts ingrained in our sub-conscious mind are “Money is bad”, “Sex is shameful”, “I am born in sin”, “God is vengeful”, “There is not enough of love, compassion, food, water, time and money”!

These thoughts lead to words spoken and actions done which can be termed as ‘Reactive’ rather than words and actions coming from thoughts thought out consciously by you through your own experience and resultant understanding. The words and actions that originate from your own understanding can be termed as ‘Creative’.

All creation begins with thought (“Proceeds from the Father”)
All creation then moves to the word (“Ask and you shall receive, speak and it shall be done unto you”)
All creation is fulfilled in deed (“And the word was made flesh, and dwelt among us”)

‘Seeing is Believing’ turned around to ‘Believing is Seeing’ is also true! What you believe in you see turning up in your life! So, if undesired things are turning up you need to change your beliefs a little. You don’t have to demolish your house of beliefs you need only ‘renovate’ it. If any brick is broken and doesn’t support the structure replace it with a new one!

Positivity is being, thinking, saying and doing in accordance with your desires and; Negativity is being, thinking, saying and doing opposite to your desires.

States of Being, Thoughts, Words and Deeds create outcomes in your life.

If you be, think, say and do negative even if it is done unconsciously as a learned response.. as ‘Reactive Behavior’ then your life will go into a negative spiral.. a vicious circle of undesired outcomes and Continual Hell!

If you be, think, say and do positive then this could be termed as ‘Creative Behavior’ or ‘Conscious Creation’ since you are fully conscious of what you are up to and why. This will lead your life into a spiral of desired outcomes and Constant Joy!

Some common negative spirals in our lives are concerning Money, Success and Wellness. To get out of these we need a break-through!

Ways to Reverse these Negative Spirals

We are 3 part Beings with a Body, Mind and Spirit.. each equally important to our existence in the Physical World. Therefore to do anything with our lives we have to address all our 3 parts.

One way to reverse a negative spiral is to “Act before you think”.. Not “Think before you act”! The Action has to be opposite to your present negative condition.
Money: If you don’t attract money then start giving little bits of it in charity without any calculations of the mind. (Tithe)
Success: If you are not successful then give your passions first priority.. Give what gives you joy all that you have. If you are straddled with a job you hate, love it for the time being for all that it facilitates in your life. In a nutshell, put passion into your action!
Wellness: If you are unwell, first trust some therapy or remedy and do something about it. Then Exercise, Eat the Right Food and Get Optimum Sleep. Don’t Mistreat your Body in anyway.

The second way to reverse a negative spiral is to Think and Say positive statements often.
Money: If you don’t attract money say, “Its great to have money” or “I have enough money”
Success: If you are not successful say, “I have success” or “My success is coming to me now” or “All things lead to my success”
Wellness: If you are unwell say, “I am well”.
The most affirmative of all thoughts is one of Thanksgiving from an awareness, faith and clarity that your thought has been heard by God. So, you Thank God in Advance without any doubts by saying, “Thank you, God, for fulfilling my desire”.

The third way to reverse negative spirals is to BE what you Desire to Be! The Spirit is not concerned about “What are you going to DO” but “Where are you going to BE”.. after all you are a Human BEING!
All negative spirals whether they are concerning Money, Success, Wellness or others, vanish with Positive States of Being!
Decide to BE – Cheerful, Confident, Friendly, Forgiving, Grateful, Accepting, Loving
Rather than Being – Grumpy, Worried, Closed, Resentful, Fearful, Inco
nsiderate, Hateful
Being-ness attracts Being-ness- So Being Happy no matter what, will attract Happy outcomes and experiences!!! The true order of things for highly conscious people is that they do not do something in order to be happy - they are happy and, hence, do some happy thing!

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  1. On Ways to reverse negative spirals : Body level-Action -

    How about letting your action be the delicious way in which you pluck the fruits of your vibrational labour :)


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