September 21, 2009

Mastering Mastery

Each soul is a Master though some don't remember that they are... and every circumstance may be viewed as an opportunity to remember that you are a Master and evolve to greater Mastery!

When you decide to move to Mastery the 'pay off' you get is a feeling of security in the physical world! All Physical Comforts can be yours yet ironically once you experience these higher states the last thing you'll find yourself worrying about is physical comfort because the way is open for them to flow to you, sometimes in an instant, if and when desired!

Masters Accept Responsibility for situations because they know and understand that at some level we have collectively created the situation at hand by some mutual agreement at some level of consciousness! They know that in a larger sense there are no victims, villains and sacrifices! There are just agreements! Nothing can take place without these agreements in The Field of All Possibilities! They then empower themselves to Change it as a Statement of Who They Are!

In the largest sense, all the things we Judge as 'bad' are of our own creation! In calling them 'bad' we call ourselves 'bad' since we created them. This label we cannot accept, so rather than label ourselves 'bad', we Disown our own creations. It is this Intellectual and Spiritual Dishonesty that differentiates the ordinary from a Master!

Masters choose only ACCEPTANCE and demonstrate it in every moment and in every circumstance.

Masters don’t cling to the Past and are therefore totally available to the Present. The Past i
s like logs of wood on the river of time.. you don't have to float on top of them.. you have to jump into the river and swim freely! Masters know that nothing stops growth more than dwelling on failures and resting on your laurels! Both make you stick to the Past.. Masters keep moving on...

A Masters actions allow every soul a freedom of choice and render everyone around them Independent. Their words have the clarity of truth, their thoughts give joy, and their presence is peacefully magnetic!

A Master renounces Results but never ever renounces Passion. The Master knows intuitively that Passion is the path to Self Realisation!

What we would call “Suffering”, a Master terms as “a set of Insufferable circumstances”. In doing so they neither speak nor complain about these circumstances.. they choose to simply not say a word about it because they know the power of the Word. We make real that to which we pay attention and Masters choose to make ‘Non-suffering’ real!

A Masters first relationship is with them. They first honor, cherish and love themselves. They first see themselves as worthy, blessed and holy .. Not ‘holier than thou’ but as holy as God! It is only then that they see God in everyone! Masters have said, “What I am, you are. What I can do, you can do. These things and more, shall you also do.”

A Master is one who has lived through enough worldly experiences to know that the purpose of life is always growth and evolution. After Soul Realisation they move to God Realisation.

True Masters make a Life, not a living! True Masters are those who make the most Masters NOT the most disciples!

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  1. it's wonderfully gives peace..


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