March 27, 2011


There needs to be an ADJUSTMENT to the new energy sweeping the planet!
This new energy is PASSION with COMPASSION and the old energy was just PASSION!
A monkey racing a car with passion will surely knock down people on the way whereas a compassionate human being racing a car with passion will make sure no one gets hurt on the way.

I want to give you a parable, a metaphor of life, and it goes like this. There is a room we will call the Rainbow Room. In this room, all the colors of the rainbow present themselves linearly, one at a time, and they change every few thousand years. The room has been made like this, for the only thing constant about life is CHANGE. For thousands of years, the room is yellow, then it turns into the blue and the red, the purples, the greens and slowly, the room goes through all the colors of the rainbow. The colors take their turn in the spectrum, one at a time.

In this room, I would like to introduce you to some creatures – passionate, intelligent and sacred, all born during a time when the color in the room was red. Their parents were also born during the red cycle, and even their grandparents. In fact, as far back as you can remember your ancestors, the room was always red. Red is all that your recent lineage has ever known. Therefore, you might say they have a red consciousness and they expect everyone to be red. Everywhere they go, they work with red. They are the red people.

Over time, the Rainbow Room starts to do what it always has done and slowly begins to move into it’s next color, purple. The room starts to become purple. What happens to those who have always known red? The first thing is fear. The red people say, “Here comes something odd and unusual, and it has never happened before! It’s dark and somehow scary. We must find ways to stop the purple. It’s supposed to be red. Purple is bad.”

But even among the red people, there are a few who say, “We welcome the purple. We don’t know why it’s here, but we recognize that it’s appropriate. Although we’ve always been red and we don’t understand the purple, we’re not afraid of it. Ancient esoteric prophesy told us that someday a shift in the red would come. God bless the purple.” And that’s the energy we sit in now, for that which has been normal on this planet for all of these thousands of years is shifting.

We are on the cusp of this shift and this shift is going to present some anomalies in our geology, our ecology, our economy and our politics.

The thing to do in this new energy is to adapt to it. This energy is about compassion. It is time to become compassionate for one another because compassion is the wisest thing on the planet! It is filled with resolution and unification. It is a catalyst for change.

When you get home and you turn on your television and see someone you don't agree with because they're politically or morally not in step with you, can you love them? Can you see the Creator inside anyway? Can you see them playing out a game of how things will settle ultimately in your country so that everyone is forced to work together in unity? Can you see that??? Forced to work together! Forced to compromise!! Forced to unify and not separate!!! When you see it in politics, you'll know it's real.

People are often unreasonable and self-centered. FORGIVE them anyway!
If you are honest people might cheat you. Be HONEST anyway!!
If you are happy people may be jealous. Be HAPPY anyway!!!

Be assured that you will be loved all-ways and always!

So, from today, it might be a nice idea to decide to make a shift in your understanding of situations. It will be beneficial to all, including you, to have your responses to situations come from COMPASSION.


  1. I had been a very passionate guy and passionate to succeed at any cost. I experienced the opposite of what I desired and thence experienced the compassion of the universe. Now there is an urgent need in me to become compassionate and swerve from the path of self-love to love. I recognise the urgent need to do this for myself only if others too could benefit from it. I seek divine grace to help me out.

  2. Hi Deepak! I would like to make two points here...
    1. To appreciate the experience of what you desire, sometimes the universe makes you experience the opposite of what you desire... Continue to have faith in existence and don't be discouraged because the best is already there, waiting for time to bring you to it!

    2. Self-love is the path and compassion must be there to expand your circumference of "Self", so that you evolve. Self-love propels you with passion to fulfill your desires. Love and compassion propel you to share your desires. When we give and share the surplus that we possess, then existence says, "Hey this guy is a good supplier... Let's make him a wholesaler". So, existence supplies you lots of what you desire in order that you may circulate it and what flows through you circulates in you too! This is how you are made abundant in all that you desire!

    With love and gratitude, Ajit


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