March 25, 2011


Some economic earthquakes across the world are all about fault lines in the oil economy and the Japan earthquake exposed the fault lines of nuclear energy!
Both upheavals have thrown up issues about these two polluting energy sources… Isn't it time that we take a serious look at non-polluting energy sources now?
This particular message has the potential of hitting the ears of someone who is abundant. That is to say, they can make things happen because they have the purse strings to do so. So I challenge the one who hears this with deep pockets, for this will only make you more abundant, and it is logical and makes so much sense… even more now than before.
There is an energy source on this planet that has always been there… that is free. Yes, free! The technology to make it work has also been developed.
We have many ways of creating power. One of the most complex and difficult to understand and build is the nuclear power plant. When you are finished with a five-year construction project, all you have when you finished is having created an expensive steam engine. For all nuclear power does is create heat. This creates steam to drive a generator in circles, which then creates our electricity. It is, therefore, a glorified steam engine but a very dangerous one, as we have learnt from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
There is another glorified steam engine called the Magma of Earth. Everywhere you drill, it gets hot. The further you go down, it gets real hot. Did you think about that? If you want heat, all you have to do is drill for it! Now, this is not difficult because we know how to go down a long way and we do it all the time when we drill for oil. The technology must be developed to tap the heat, to make a steam engine that’s forever. Start by building these holes in the hot spots. The hot spots are defined as those places on the earth where the magma is close to the surface. How about starting at the Pacific Rim, for instance? This is where all the volcanoes are, and where many of our largest cities are. You will find all the power you need to create steam is right below your feet. We are sitting on top of Magma Power!
Sandia a multi-program entity of the Department Of Energy, USA, is already drilling at the Long Valley Exploratory Well near Mammoth Lakes, California.
You may ask, Is it worth it to invest in this technology? That’s up to you.
How much longer do you wish to extract pieces and parts of the earth, burn them up and put them in the atmosphere? The magma is there for nothing, and you don’t have to burn any oil for it; and you don’t have to burn any coal for it! It is here, it always has been, and it’s not going away – massive power, given to us to harness and provide light and transportation… Ask yourself, What is that worth to you?
Also, ask yourself, “Is killing people for want of money by inflating oil prices, just because the rich want to get richer by making the poor poorer, worth it?"...."Is endangering the lives of millions who live around nuclear power plants worth it?"
The earth is shaking us, to remind us, to change the way we are living!!!

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