March 19, 2011

Understand What Is At Hand On Your Planet

All cycles bring change and bring an opportunity for evolution... They give an opportunity for you to wake up to to the inter-connectedness of all creation and nudge you to become more compassionate towards everyone and everything!

The geological change afoot on our planet is a natural cycle of what we call the ice cycle. It has to do with the ocean's temperature cycles and it occurs every six hundred years, give or take a hundred years. What we're experiencing right now, some scientists have seen and acknowledged. They say that we are seeing the start of a Little Ice Age which had peaked on our planet in the 1500's. A five to six hundred year cooling phase is upon us again!

An ice age is followed by a warming cycle and our current warming cycle has ended!!! What happens at the end of this warming phase is that the ice partially melts on the caps at the north and south of the planet - not all of it, but a great deal of it. What this does is to create a water level that makes the oceans go up a few inches and realigns the weight of the water on the planet. This redistributes the weight on the planet from a concentration of ice at the top and bottom to a more even weight on the crust of the earth. This redistribution of weight then pushes the crust in ways that are new, creating earthquakes and volcanoes.

We've had some of that recently, haven't we? We will also have more storms. So if you're in a storm area, you'll be more aware, won't you? Perhaps the water level will rise. If you live on the beach, perhaps you'll move. That's just being smart. It's not life threatening if you're smart. But then again, that's free choice, isn't it? There will be those who will deny it and they'll stand where the storms are, denying that there are storms. Some will perish in the process. They'll stay on the beaches, watch the waters rise, and perish. These are the ones who don't want to see the shift and will not acknowledge what is taking place. Do something to educate the people under threat to protect themselves... to shift well in advance if need be!

Then there would be the ones who look at the earthquakes and the volcanoes and they say, "We've done something awful. God is punishing us." This is just Humans not understanding that cycles on earth are also meant for Human consciousness to respond in ways that change the way we live.

Now, what we have called "Global Warming" has ended and just the opposite is here... "Global Cooling". Eventually, you will see it as it is. Watch the winters from 2011... for the cooling cycle is here. Just for fun, walk down the streets when it's snowing more than it should and yell, "Global Warming!".... "Global Warming!" Ha ha!!!

Human consciousness also has a cycle that moves from the hot and passionate male energy to the cool and compassionate female energy. Passion divides and Compassion unites. Passion wins wars and Compassion brings peace. Passion consumes indiscriminately and Compassion shares fairly.

Let's see what the warming cycle did for us... It united the earth in the name of "Global Warming"... You were forced to unite because a neighbors smoke would heat your house even more... The green house effect was universal whether you polluted the planet or your neighbor polluted it. Advanced countries were forced to be compassionate towards the less developed one's to show them and help them do things the way they did.

The warring cycle in Europe led to a uniting instead of separation! The common currency united the countries of Europe towards a common purpose... Prosperity! Prosperity was sweeter than hostility and forced people to be compassionate towards their trading partners.

The wealth cycle of the world first saw the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer as passionate global monopolies got the freedom to do as they pleased in the name of entrepreneurship. But the poor couldn't consume anymore as they had very little money left. Demand dropped. Monopolies crashed overnight. Huge debts had to be written off writing off huge banks. Finally, compassion for the poor prevailed. The richest men on earth set up huge funds by giving away more than 50% of their wealth towards charity saying, "Philanthropy is unbelievably rewarding." There was a change in Human consciousness. Less money was being used to create artificial scarcities followed by high prices and more money was being used to eradicate hunger and disease.

Here is comforting news for you. As you walk through the difficulties of this planet, no longer are you going to have suffering and war. No longer do you have to have a consciousness where you expect discomforting things to occur to you that threaten the natural span of your survival. For this is the ending of selfishness and the beginning of sharing; the ending of hatred and the beginning of love; the ending of lies and the beginning of truth; the ending of persecution and the beginning of freedom. So, weather the storm. Flow with the changes. Use your intuition to move left or right. If water continues to flood your house, it might be a nice idea to move. It is the Human Being who says, however, "Well, it's only a once-every-100-year flood." Think again... Is it, really? From 2011 you're starting to see a new political, economic and geological paradigm. Move with it. Be flexible. Understand what is afoot. You have to change the planet with your consciousness. Be part of the change. Work with it. Understand it. Celebrate it. Move with it!

Here's an example of how the feminine compassionate energy is speeding up our evolution… As an aftermath of the nuclear risk following the massive earthquake and tsunami that shook Japan on March 11, 2011, Germany's female Chancellor has temporarily shut down seven of its nuclear reactors while it reconsiders its nuclear energy strategy! Do you see how the Human consciousness cycle is at work in tandem with the geological cycle to change how we live on our planet? Keep evolving dear fellow human for that is the only game in town!!! Compassion is the new feminine energy sweeping the planet... Compassion is what brings about unification and peace as against division and turmoil... Next time you go out to vote, would you like to consider a vote for COMPASSION?

Think about it!

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