September 21, 2009

The Painting of Life

1. Wholeness: All colors mixed together make up White Light, which is a symbol of Wholeness! For White Light to know and experience itself, darkness and all the colors inside white are required. Similarly, for Wholeness to know Itself all shades and colors of life are required. Dark shades highlight the light shades and are not BAD.

2. The Process: Life is a PROCESS of experiencing all the shades and colors in it one by one. When all have been experienced you fully know what White Light is .. You become what you already are--- Wholeness! So, life is not a battle to be won nor is it a pot of gold to acquire! Don’t Struggle nor EXPECT to- Win and Get Particular Results or Returns on Investment! It is in NOT STRUGGLING that the process proceeds freely!!!

3. The Creators: The Paint Brush of life is Thought, Word and Deed. They bring forth all the shades and colors into your life.. They create the outcomes of your life. Pay Attention to what you think, say and do so that you don’t unknowingly create outcomes which you call “undesired”.

4. Judgement: DO NOT JUDGE the shade or color of Characters, Places and Events to be BAD or GOOD because all of them just lead up to the realization of Wholeness symbolized as White Light. It's best to OBSERVE a color as it is to know more accurately Who You Are with respect to it. Black is simply black! Always remember that all shades and colors have been painted by you at some level-- conscious, subconscious, super conscious either collectively or individually, so either accept them or accept responsibility to change them. 
Whatever color you color someone, they will reflect that color to you. So, if you paint someone black they will be and do black to you! Judging anything as Bad is the cause of suffering! Remove Judgment and suffering disappears!

5. Choosing: Instead of Judging, look at what shades and colors you are Unhappy and Happy with in your life Now and everyday. If you are not happy with some, Decide to Change them. Desire and Choose the shades and colors You are most Passionate about and declare your newness to the world without hesitation. Whenever these shades and colours start to cause unhappiness, change them again! DON’T REJECT the shades and colors you have moved on from or you will fail to realize yourself as Wholeness! Let them be a part of your painting.

6. Acceptance: DON’T REJECT people, places and events because this too will make you incomplete.  ACCEPT all that you have rejected. Include them in your painting. Then you will re-member all that was dismembered and you will remember that you are Wholeness! This is Remembrance of Wholeness which some call as the Remembrance of God! This also Empowers you to Heal all that was rejected! You need not engage in interaction with all that is accepted. For instance, you can agree to disagree.

7. Moving On: Don’t keep coming back to the same shades and colors because then you are revolving whereas the purpose of life is to keep evolving. Addiction to a desire becomes a need which requires someone to fix it to get you out of it so that you can evolve.

8. Relationships: We realize Who We Are.. what color we are through our relationship with others.. with relationship to their shades and colors. So, don’t try to change the shades and colors of others as they are serving you to know yourself. Let Everyone Be As They Are and use your relationship with them to Decide, Know and Experience Who You Are! If they decide to change, you can at most guide them in their decision.

Become an artist of life and make your painting beautiful and color-full!!!

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  1. sir!It is our belief and opinion that reading a positive thought, story or poem every day can make a positive difference on your outlook and on your success.and i am sure u are well capable of creating mentors and i can see it happening because experiences don't lie!!regards upendra


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