January 8, 2013

Storms Are Good

In a world of duality there will always be highs and lows; big and small; light and darkness. But, whenever there is a major dis-balance between any two opposites in this polarity, a 'storm' will occur in order to re-balance and restore harmony. A harmony that supports a purposeful and fulfilling sustenance of all life.

Cyclones, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, famine and epidemics occur naturally, as part of a complex and sometimes incomprehensible system, to cause us to rethink on the way we do things and renew the planet.

Man made storms like wars, revolutions, terror attacks and recessions occur either to cause a dis-balance or to re-balance the distribution of power and money in the world, and cause us to think and act in ways to secure ourselves.

Whatever may be the cause of a storm, they force us to become stronger and more intelligent to withstand them. So, rather than remain anxious for our lives, our survival instinct is prodded by the storm to think of ways to overcome these threatening monsters. Humans over many millennia have evolved in many ways, in the face of every kind of storm, by discovering scientific laws and technology to come up with different kinds solutions like stronger houses, more resistant crops, medicinal sciences to cure ailments, defence equipment, advanced communication systems for warnings, fast transportation systems to move away from threats, continuous ways of improving banking, making systems of governance more people oriented.

In order to withstand these storms we end up with other benefits like building technology that keeps you safe from other threats as well, by-products of defence technology applied to improving life in general, transportation that can bring you help really fast in case of emergencies, communication systems that help you stay connected with loved ones wherever they are, a higher yield of more nutritious crops, healthier ways of living, improvement of business systems, democratic systems trickling down to the grass root level.

In other words, storms are good. But, the most important point that has been missed while using our intelligence in politics, economics, medicine, science and technology is our inter-connectedness to everyone and everything- the human aspect of compassion for our fellow beings. The passion for power and money has to be increasingly balanced by our compassion for our planet and everything upon it.

We basically have to think of a more equal distribution of power and wealth, without losing the passion for improvement. The driving force within us has to be, to see more and more of us, including ourselves, satisfied. When we are able to exhibit the compassion of a mother towards her children, we would have got it! For, her children are her passion and her children have her compassion.

Since 2011, we have been seeing more than the usual natural storms and the storms of anger of dis-satisfied common people forcing Governments to think more compassionately or else be overthrown. Change is here, and these storms are an opportunity for all of us to use compassion as the prime driving force to evolve.

The new order beckons us to have an equal blend between survival and love; power and sharing. To be stronger, but softer as well.

The new age is seeking an active harmony in all things which sounds like pleasing music and feels like a gentle breeze...

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