January 17, 2013

The Monk Who Bought A Mercedes

The Master was out shopping for his long cherished dream of owning and enjoying a S-Class Mercedes limousine. He took his disciple Tom along with him to the showroom, and as they reached, right in front of them stood the gleaming silver coloured car for the Master. The Master's eyes lit up and his face beamed with a smile as soon as he set his eyes on the car.

The disciple asked the Master, "Aren't Masters meant to renounce life and not have a passion for material things?" The Master asked Tom, "What would you wish to have if you had all the money in the world?" Tom thought for a while and remembered his childhood dream of owning and living in a huge mansion. Excitedly, he told the Master, "I would love to have a palace with huge gardens and many servants attending." The Master then told Tom that the child in us, is the heart in us! A child is born for a purpose and the child knows it's purpose. The childlike heart doesn't know how to calculate, it just wants its dreams to come true. Every child is a Master, for the child doesn't have a notion of scarcity, because a child knows intuitively that there is unconditional support from the father and the mother. So, a child's imagination is boundless and a child's desire to have toys to play with is strong. And, a child plays with toys not to win, but just for a spin! 

So, awaken the child within you dear Tom, for only then will you have faith in your Father to support all your dreams so you can play, as I am about to with my new Mercedes. And, when I am fulfilled with this toy, I pray that I will have a desire for another toy so that I am always renewed with the freshness of a new desire and the fulfilment of a new toy!

"What is the next toy that you dream of Master", asked Tom gleefully. The Master replied with a confident smile, "A silver and black Bugatti Veyron. This will be the reward to myself after building the most beautiful as well as the tallest high rise in my country!"

The Master continued to impart his words of wisdom to Tom with a deep voice... Faith makes you a Master. Faith that you are supplied by an unending source; which is also your source, your Father and your comforter! Faith that your dream is also your Father's dream for you. Faith that at every step, even when there is not a single toy to play with, your abundant Father walks hand in hand with you. Faith that when you are hungry and there's no bread, you are sustained by the words that your Father whispers into your heart!

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