February 2, 2013

A Golden Age Of Enchantment

Bill, a businessman, had just celebrated his golden birth year and lying on his luxurious couch in his royal drawing room, he was reflecting upon the shades of gold he had lived in the 50 long years of his life.

He remembered that as a child he had very few responsibilities aside from school assignments being completed in time and studying hard before tests so that he didn't land up with a big zero to show to his parents. He had no worries of how to make a living and he had a great life playing outdoor games with his friends and communing with the family. He felt more loved by life, for the natural love of his parents was so unconditional. Free from the burdens of manoeuvring through the demands of business and the pressure to earn profits to make an abundant living of luxury, as a child he was really free to explore nature, the real home where he had been born into.

He fondly missed the wonder of the laying hens kept in a cage in the backyard of his home. He was just ten years old when he was so enchanted by these hens producing gleaming white eggs. The eggs would fall into the six inch layer of grains on the floor and get hidden underneath it. He would enter the cage every evening to fish out the eggs and for him finding each egg had the joy of finding a treasure. Each egg was truly like a 'golden egg'. His parents called it his daily chore and for him it was his daily wonder!

He gradually slipped into deep thought about what is it that can make his business of building houses and making profits, into a daily wonder. How can he be enchanted with his work? How can he be a grown up and a child as well in this world which seems to be on a grind to just make money? Where can he find his daily treasure?

And then, his face was turned to the door as if by some unknown and inexplicable force. His eyes got locked onto a bunch of red bougainvillea which was gleaming with the rays of the sun falling directly on it. It was so attractive that he got up and walked outside the door with his iPhone camera and clicked a close up of it. The bunch was really beautiful just as it was, and he thought to himself.... "Beauty really lies in being natural"!
And then he turned his head to the other end of his terrace and there stood another bunch of bougainvillea, bright orange and shining like a blazing fire. That bunch was clearly speaking to him and saying, "Manifest the fire within you".

He was so inspired by nature that he took a walk down his driveway to look for more treasures hiding in his compound which he may have overlooked because of just not being aware enough, thanks to his focus on the more mundane activity of just earning a living. As he walked, who should be there atop the driveway boundary wall to greet him. A beautiful peacock perched right on the centre of the wall as if it was saying to him that both sides of the wall belonged to it! Bill thought to himself, "It is humans that divide, and sometimes divide and rule, instead of coexisting with their differences". 

His reflections that day moved him greatly. He decided that he is going to change himself and his thinking today. This led him to arouse the same childlike innocence in himself with which he would search for those hidden eggs and he started to use his iPhone camera to capture Nature's beauty that stood right in front of his eyes each day. He also started to believe, that even at 50, he is as attractive as the enchanting red bougainvillea. He even altered his current business of building houses to include his passion for designing interiors so that he could manifest this fire of passion which lay within him. And in the course of his day, he made a special effort to make friends with his neighbours and honour them for whatever they are.

And thus, in the fiftieth year of Bill's life, began another fifty years, which he named as his "Golden Age"!!!

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