August 3, 2014

The Grand Tree

The Human Being is the most advanced species of our planet, however humans are not as advanced as they can be. Humans have not reached their full potential both materially and non-materially!  Albert Einstein who is considered to be one the most intelligent humans that have ever lived on earth, only had 5% of his brain functional!!!

So what is it that we are missing out on that we haven’t grown to our fullest. A tree cannot grow big if it doesn't have deep roots. We have constantly been trying to grow materially without deepening are roots that lie in the non-material world. Unlike a tree, humans have to make a choice to grow their roots into the non-material world, and this choice is a simple choice – All you have to do is decide to awaken to this world yet unknown to you. Since you are only half-asleep, it’s possible to ask for guidance to awaken and receive this guidance as well.

Just say this silently within yourself, “What is it that I need to know to awaken’’.

As you receive and follow the guidance, which could come to you through the next person you meet or the movie you are about to see or an article already published that you may read, you start to awaken to your roots in the non-material world but, you must correspondingly awaken to your branches in the material world too – you must gather more knowledge and gather more physical strength.  There have been great sages who did long and deep meditations to awaken their roots but they were not great scientists or great athletes. Did you know, you can become a great sage, scientist and athlete all together, if you choose to!!!

Awakening to our roots also makes us realize that we are all connected, that we are all drawing water from the same source – The All Mind.  So, everyone has a right to all the fruit there is, as it has come from a common source, and therefore we must not forget to share the fruits of our tree with those around us. If we don’t share, we may create a dis-balance causing people who do not possess enough fruits to attack a fruit laden tree. The greedy too can attack a fruit laden tree, so we must not forget that a fruit laden tree needs to be protected from them, and humans, being more advanced than trees have a choice to protect themselves.

A tree doesn't judge those who come to its shade, because a tree has no choice, but humans can enjoy the feeling of compassion by choosing not to judge and allowing people to enjoy their shade without judgement. This is a great opportunity to show acceptance and to bless our fellow beings and it comes naturally to humans with deep roots. These are some divine human potentials we may be missing out on.

On a macroscopic level, we have examples of countries that have become big trees, but have not grown deep roots and so, have not realized that - we are all one. The economy of these countries failed to grow any further, for how can you have a bigger tree when the roots have not grown. In fact, a huge tree with shallow roots can collapse with its own weight!!!

So decide to wake up dear fellow human. Awaken your roots and awaken your branches to become a grand tree which has the deepest roots and the most widespread branches. Become a grand tree that is compassionate, knowledgeable, intelligent, wise, creative, strong and agile.

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