December 16, 2014

The New Age Religion

If the purpose of life is self-actualization and if God is not a deprived being requiring worship then the purpose of traditional religions becomes limited.

True worship would be to realize your purpose through deep experience and the temple would be you. Yes, you who are reading this right now are your own temple!

If God requires anything of you then it is to live your life purposefully in unison with God. That is your religion! The Creator has given you a purpose and that purpose is to conceive of your desires which lie within your passions, create circumstances for their fulfillment, and then experience fully what you conceived of. If God is a fire then the heat generated from that fire are your passions! Inseparable!!! 
So if you have to believe in anything, if you have to have faith in anything, it is your passions!

Since God cannot experience every conception in a bodily form, you are God's senses with a divine body for God to experience these in unison with you. You are anyway united with God just as water molecules are united with the ocean, so you don't have to meditate 24x7 to unite with the Divine. You are a divine being doing divine work on earth!

If you realize
 this is the purpose of all humans, you would not hurt another human for that would hurt your Creator too! So, be compassionate. Be human!

The expansionism of traditional religions also has limited purpose when the new order for expansionism is to expand your heart! The new buzz is to connect and expand rather than convert and expand!!! The more diverse interactions you have, the more your experiences, and the more your realizations.

Now, to actualize all that you conceive of, you need to be enthusiastic, creative, energetic, passionate, expressive and intelligent too! 
I can tell you this, that if you can be all of these and compassionate too, then your life will be filled with continuous joy!

And one more thing, don't forget to switch off your buzzing mind and hug your companion in your life purpose every now and then. Now you must be wondering who your companion is in this journey. "Is it my lover?'', you may ask. Yes it is your lover, your eternal lover, God!!!

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