September 3, 2012

Being Successful

1. Creation

If you really need to know something about being successful, then you need to know who you are, why you're here and how you have to accomplish your purpose.
So, lets start with how it all started. In the beginning there was Nothing. In the beginning all that existed was Emptiness, Nothingness, The Absolute Zero which was also everything there ever was. This uncreated, ever existing Nothingness was also boundless and Infinite.
Nothingness is Infinity, and this is the Zero-Infinity paradox which is arrived at with the simple equation given below:
+1 +2 +3…….infinity
-1 -2 -3………infinity
0   0   0……….0
Because there is nothing outside this Zero and this Zero is all there is, and ever was, therefore, It cannot compare Itself to anything, to know Itself. Furthermore, if this Zero is still, It cannot know Itself from within Itself either, for a still ocean is homogeneous with nothing within itself, to compare itself to. But there is a solution to this predicament. If Nothingness starts to have ripples and waves within Itself, then, It can know Itself by comparing these waves with each other. It now starts to know a high tide and a low tide by feeling the differences between the two.
Since this Nothingness is boundless, It can do anything, provided the sum of what It does is zero. In other words, It has Free Will to create anything, though its opposite will also get created simultaneously. So, to know Itself, this still ocean of Infinite Emptiness started to vibrate with waves. Vibrations are made up of a wave and a trough, and the sum of a wave and a trough is zero.

Now, a wave is really an energy that moves the water molecules of an ocean up and down, exactly at the position where they are situated, and it doesn't move the water laterally. This, you can easily observe in the ripples produced when you throw a stone into a pond. It is the energy that causes a ripple that moves laterally while lifting up and bringing down the water of a ripple and then transferring itself to the adjacent still water, and thereby, producing another ripple. This process carries on and the energy produces ripples, one by one, sequentially. Since in a ripple, there is now a differentiation of up and down and a movement of energy from here to there, which takes time; so, simultaneously, space and time come into existence.

Now, we have already seen one rule of Creation, that all sums within the Emptiness must remain zero. So, this energy that creates waves, is also accompanied by an equal and opposite potential energy that dissolves waves. Dissolution is built into the system of creation, at the time of Creation. But, this cycle of creation and dissolution, continues till infinity because they happen in a space of Emptiness which has no drag and no friction to stop this cycle. Once it starts, it doesn't stop...

And, all is not lost at the time of dissolution, because the memory of every experience remains intact according to the latest theory of physics that believes -  in principle complete information about a physical system at one point in time must determine its state at any other time, so information is always preserved.

Now, the creation of waves needs two opposite gravitational pulls like the moon and the earth. What are these two primal opposite pulls that were formed in Creation? The two opposite poles of Creation are, Consciousness and Unconsciousness. Everything created that exists, every vibration created in Creation, is but a different level of Consciousness and Unconsciousness.
The fact that Consciousness and Unconsciousness are two opposite poles in Creation is expressed by the fact that while half the earth is awake, the other half sleeps.

You may now ask, "What is love and what is joy in this model of Creation?"
Love is the pull of the pole of Consciousness towards itself. Love must also have it's opposite, and this opposite of love is Self-love. Self-love is the pull of the pole of Unconsciousness towards itself which interacts with Love to create a wave, an identity which is different from the still ocean. It is like the pull of the moon that creates high tides and low tides.
Consciousness is surrounded with Love, which is a field of attraction, and perhaps this Love is Perfect Love, because it is the first Love sensed by Consciousness. But, just as light cannot know itself in a world of light, Love cannot know itself fully in a world of Love. However, a candle in a dark room shows up clearly. So, Consciousness needs Unconsciousness to know its first nature, just as light needs darkness to find its full expression and know itself.
Joy is the energy in the wave that makes the water move up and down sequentially in ripples. Joy is movement, and JOY is really the JOurneY of divine energy in time.

In a nutshell, Creation is the ocean of Emptiness that is getting to know Itself through waves in Itself, one wave at a time, and It does it forever and ever and ever….

2. Waves

Waves are vibrations and some vibrations are fine and some are gross. Some are high and some are low. Because vibrations are different, we can identify them and make some sense out of them.
The major Consciousness-Unconsciousness vibrations present in our universe are the following:
  1. Dark Matter is the most unconscious vibration and constitutes about 96% of our universe.
  2. Atoms are also vibrations as has been discovered by scientists and this is known as the Wave-Particle Duality. Atoms are gross vibrations, waves with a greater pull of unconsciousness than of consciousness. They make up only 4% of our universe which is classified as visible matter.
  3. Plants have a lesser unconsciousness and higher consciousness than atoms. They can carry out some complex functions like respiration and photosynthesis.
  4. Animals have an even lesser unconsciousness and are more conscious than plants, because of their sense organs.
  5. Humans have a lesser unconsciousness than animals for they are more conscious about their choices, than animals. Their minds can do complex calculations, contemplate about the evolution of their life and then make highly informed choices.
  6. Spirit is the most conscious of all these vibrations and it is such a high frequency and fine vibration that it is generally not sensed by the human senses, because, it lies outside the range in which they detect vibrations.

The human Soul is a composite set of all these vibrations put together. The whole of you on earth is your Soul which comprises of a Body made of atoms; Life-energy made of complex cells that carry out functions like digestion, respiration, circulation, assimilation and reproduction; Senses made to sense sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touch; A Mind that is advanced in logical thinking and therefore intelligent; And, the Spirit which watches over your mind, feels your highs and lows, and decides about your evolution.

Since, Consciousness, whose nature is Love, cannot know itself completely in a world of Love, just like white light cannot know itself fully in a world of white light, so, an individual piece of Consciousness, a God, a Spirit comes to a world where there is mainly unconsciousness, wrapped in clothes of different levels of unconsciousness which are like prisms that refract light into a particular colour of the rainbow spectrum. This Spirit wrapped in these clothes and emitting a particular 'colour' is a Soul that has come to experience that 'colour', and since it is in a world of relative darkness, the 'colours' show up clearly. This is a Soul that has come on a journey of Self-realisation.

Now, once you come to the world of darkness with your own unique 'colour', you can only experience your 'colour' by comparing your 'colour' to the 'colour' of other Souls around you, for if you are 'blue' and everyone else around you is also 'blue' then even the word 'blue' won't exist!

Perfect white is experienced by experiencing all the colours of the spectrum of white light, one by one, and Perfect Love is experienced by experiencing the entire range of Love, from a lack of Love to an abundance of Love, with all it's hues from anger to kindness; sorrow to joy; cursing to blessing; rejection to acceptance; thanklessness to appreciation and so on.

Every time you experience the full range of a particular feeling you come to a place of 'Being that particular feeling'. When you have experienced every kind of sorrow and joy, you can, in every circumstance, Be totally joyful, because, now having gone through all these feelings you can fully appreciate these feelings in others, with maturity and understanding. In your state of joy, you can love others as they are, and when they are stuck, and ask for help, you can help them beneficially, to move on to another experience.

So, in a nutshell. There is Creation. There are the primal poles of Creation - Consciousness and Unconsciousness. There are pieces of Consciousness called Spirit or God. Some of these Gods come to the world of Unconsciousness, wrapped in parts of Unconsciousness, as unrealised Gods, with a free choice to realise or not realise themselves as Gods through experiencing different aspects and different levels of Creation.

3. The Human Experience

Creation is designed for you to move through 3 stages:
  1. 'Knowing Perfect Love' in the world of Consciousness, where there is only Love.
  2. 'Experiencing Less Than Perfect Love', by experiencing the components of Perfect Love driven by Self-love, in our world of Unconsciousness.
  3. 'Being Perfect Love' in the lap of Creation, a state of Realised Godliness, when you finish experiencing all the components of Perfect Love.

What this really means is, you are Wholeness that is here to experience Wholeness in parts. Even though Wholeness will be missed, carry on, for you will ultimately end up in a satiated Wholeness.

So, what is Reality and what is illusion?
The only illusion is that the wave doesn't know it's the Whole Ocean.
The Reality is, 'All the illusions put together' plus 'All that which is not an illusion'.

Now let's repeat three important truths we have discussed earlier, so that we can learn some lessons about how to live the human experience beneficially and successfully.
  1. Creation is in a continuous cycle of formation and dissolution.
  2. Everything experienced is a wave moving across time and space.
  3. Each human 'colour' is there for you to experience your own 'colour' completely.

Fact 1: Creation is in a continuous cycle of formation and dissolution.
Lesson 1: If Creation is going to dissolve when it has to, why should humans seek to dissolve their individual waves prematurely? So, the first lesson is, seek to live fully in every sense of the word. Don't seek complete silence and complete stillness. Don't abort your purpose of life and sit on a mountain top, with your eyes closed. Self-realisation is a continuous process and till all your human experiences are finished, carry on living puposefully...

Fact 2; Everything experienced is a wave moving across time and space.
Lesson 1: Let us look at the nature of a wave. It rises, plays for a while, and then recedes. The biggest lesson here is, a wave doesn't resist, doesn't rush and doesn't stop. Remember this, "Enlightened living is when you become as light as a wave!"
Lesson 2: The energy of a wave moves on to the next wave when it falls. To have Constant Joy, and enjoy the energy of the wave in each succeeding moment you have to accept the highs with the lows and not resist any circumstance; not rush towards your goal; and you have to keep moving on, without getting attached to the present, so that you are always available to enjoy the joys of the future.
Lesson 3: Don't wait for the wave to come, for it is already there in the breath that you are taking right now!
Lesson 4: Self-love creates a wave and too much self-love will create too high a wave which will collapse one day. So, don't accumulate too much.
Lesson 5: Love pulls a wave back into the ocean and too much love will make the wave subside into oblivion. So, don't give away everything you have.
Lesson 6: Strike the right balance of self-love and love, for lasting happiness on earth. For this, you need to share the surplus that you have! When you share, you are supplied with more to share, for this keeps the waves of Creation moving.

Fact 3; Each human 'colour' is there for you to experience your own 'colour' completely.
Lesson 1: This requires you to first show your true 'colours', experience your 'colour', experience your Self. Your passions for particular people and other desired things within you, is who you are. Passion is the urge of your Soul to Experience it's longings, and not just imagine them within. Just do it. Jump into your passions without any expectations of returns, for there is a reward. The reward is immediate and the reward is joy. But, experience your passions with compassion to keep a balance of self-love and love, so that you avoid cutting short the experiences of others and yourself on earth. Don't kill yourself or anyone else.
Lesson 2: The magnificence of Perfect Love is only realised after you have experienced every hue of Love, by choosing a higher and higher level of experience, after experiencing a lower one. Choose to evolve, and not devolve or revolve. Choose to become better. If you don't choose to become better and you choose to devolve, then you move portions of Creation and yourself towards receding into Creation before realization is complete. If you get stuck in a revolution, a habit, then, the evolution of you and portions of Creation around you stops. It is for choosing to evolve against the choice of choosing not to evolve, that you have been given a free will. This is because, when the possibility of not realising Perfect Love exists, that you actually experience it's realisation truly. It is when the possibility of an heir to the throne, not ascending to the throne exists, and then against that odd, you ascend to the throne, it's then that you really realise the glory of ascending to the throne and the glory of the throne. That's when you truly succeed. The one who is ripe to be Perfect Love after many lives of choosing, ascends to the throne as a realised God of a universe, to help more to come to the same realisation.
I say unto thee, "Ye are Gods, so don't seek God, seek your Divine purpose"
Lesson 3: Let every 'colour' be there as it is. So, don't attempt to change people, especially your partner, for it is in their differences with you that you realise your Self. The more you interact with people, the better you will know yourself. And, don't cast out people, for that reduces the number of comparisons you can make to better experience your Self. Don't even cast out enemies. Accept them as they are, know them, but don't let them into your house, for that may prematurely end your very precious journey on earth.
Lesson 4: No 'colour' is superior or inferior to another 'colour'. Blue is not superior to Red. So, never be stuck in feelings of superiority or inferiority for that is not what Creation and you are trying to achieve.

4. Getting Up and Learning To Surf The Waves

The gravest mistake is to not get up after you fall. So, where have you really fallen from? You have fallen from the place of choice. Either you have left your choice making to others, because analysing a choice is hard and following others is easy, or you are holding in your mind, and in your heart, so many thoughts and feelings about things gone by, and about things that are yet to happen, that you are losing control of your mind and heart. You are no longer in charge of your decisions and you are no longer making informed and conscious choices, because they can only happen if your mind and heart are available to the present.

In the present moment lies the pang of your heart which emits the light of your soul, the "I am this" or "I am that" which you choose to announce to the world, through your feelings, thoughts, words and actions. It is from the heart that you also choose to be cheerful or grumpy as you go about your work. If you fail to be in your heart, you fail to create your life the way you wish it to be, because, then, you fail to have the feelings desired by you; you fail to think the thoughts that create a joyous future; you fail to speak the words that set into motion the universe, to accomplish your wish; and you fail to act and take steps in the direction of your goal. When, your boss suddenly sacks you, you say, "Why me? I was attending my office regularly" and you fail to remember that you had started despising your boss not because you had a bad experience with him, but because the majority of your co-workers hated him. So quite simply, and with total integrity, the universe gave you an opportunity to look for a new job, where you have a boss you can look up to.

Now, how do you get back to the place of choice which is really, where you Spirit meets your mind in the equator of your heart, so that things start to happen the way you wish them to?
  1. Some immediate techniques to be Here, at the place of choice when you feel out of control are to, take deep breaths; watch your breath go in and out; look at a bird flying in the sky; see trees swaying with the wind; or just walk your dog on a leash. What this does is gets you out of the rush or the resistance you were in, and puts you into the flow of the present moment where you feel a clarity of thought and the feeling of joy. You meet your awareness of Spirit here, and you regain command of your choices here.
  2. Let go of all the resistance you have towards your life as it is happening now. Accept the people, the situations and your feelings first. Feelings are a sacred part of your experience and they must not be repressed, but expressed. The way to go is from repression to expression. Repressed feelings result in a accumulation of emotions which disbalance you if they are not released. Release them, for no words can heal you more than an outburst of emotions. Cry behind closed doors if you have to. Releasing emotions and acceptance makes you calm and you automatically move to the place of choice. Then, the next thing to do is, make a choice and act upon it.
  3. Slow down your life. You cannot be at the place of choice if there's an immediate deadline hanging over your head. You have to organise your life so that it's not a rush. You will have to delegate some stuff and let go of other stuff, so that, you are not pressed for time. Life should flow at the pace of your body and mind, and you are the best person to know what that pace is.
  4. Whatever thing you are passionate about, spend a lot of time increasing your knowledge about it. More knowledge helps you to make a more informed choice. More knowledge also increases the trust in your passions, so that you can embrace them fully before you set out to fulfil them. When you embrace your passions you are in your heart, you are at the place of choice.
  5. Meditate before you sleep. Meditation is not as difficult as is made out to be. Before I give you a technique, let me tell you what it does. It just increases the space between two thoughts, because there is nothing such as 'no thought', and complete stillness, here on earth. When the spaces between thoughts increase, there is less of habitual thinking and more thoughts coming from the heart. The heart's desires are expressed as thoughts and are usually your first thoughts on a subject. When we meditate we can easily catch these 'first thoughts' because we start to watch what we are thinking. For example, if your friend asks you for a coffee and your first thought is a hesitation, then, you must follow this hesitation and postpone your coffee date for another time. Since your heart knows the future as well, the hesitation was caused because something closer to your heart is due to happen and the coffee date will spoil it.
    Now here's a simple meditation before you sleep. Night is a good time because you have wound down for the day. Keep just one lamp on and turn off any humming noise from appliances if you can. Sit straight on your bed. Let your hands face up and let your legs be in a comfortable position because you don't want to focus on discomfort. Close your eyes. Mentally follow your breath going in and then, going out. In your mind you can say 'in' and 'out' and then, when you don't feel like saying it, just follow your breath in and out, with your attention. If some thoughts come in between, let them come and go like you watch passing cars on the road. Just do this every night before you sleep without timing it. Don't ever time it. Do it till you feel like. If you go into bliss, then enjoy it only for a while, because bliss is intoxicating and immobilising, and you have to live your purpose on earth, not in a state of drunkeness, but with responsibility and integrity.
  6. Sleep at least 8 hrs a night because that will really make your day. Drowsiness, stress and discomfort due to lack of sleep take you away from the place of choice.
  7. Exercise daily and eat intelligently to keep your body, mind and emotions in a balance.

Once you are Here, you have to stay Here. When you are driving, cycling or surfing, you are constantly aware of yourself and your surroundings, for you know if you lose your awareness you may crash. This is how you have to be, constantly aware when you surf life, constantly monitoring your decisions, knowing every feeling, watching every thought, measuring every word, and conscious of every action.

When you get up and start surfing, you will take all situations with ease and balance. You will be in control of what you are being so that the feelings, thoughts, words and actions that follow will be in total harmony with what you are being. If you choose to be happy, you will, feel elated, think humorous things, and then, you will have an uninhibited and full throated laugh, and then again you will Be happy after your laugh. That's when the circle is complete and you can go into a cycle of happiness. You started by choosing to be happy and you ended up laughing, and laughing caused you to Be happy again. You now know how to be in Constant Joy, and just know this too...

Success comes to those who are happy NOW.

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