July 7, 2015

If You Can’t Acknowledge God, What Should You Acknowledge?

Your life is a collection of experiences, which really means that it is less than The Whole because The Whole includes all experiences possible in the past, present and future. If you were The Whole there would be nothing to experience because the past, present and future would all be there at once, so if you are experiencing something, you are not The Whole. 

You can experience things because The Whole has been divided into parts for you to sense them bit by bit, moment to moment and thus have an experience of a question and an answer, of moving from one place to another, of having parts not yet known labeled as "mysteries" so that experience is continuous.

So if mysteries will always exist, (shouldn't they to make life exciting?) then you cannot ever prove everything fully. And, you need not acknowledge something you are not aware of!

The drop cannot prove the infinite Ocean but the infinite Ocean can certainly move towards proving Itself if It adds up the drops. Each of your experiences could be a drop in the Ocean being automatically aggregated by the Ocean. Now that's also a mystery!!!

If we call The Whole, God, then God cannot be proved by any known science of today because God is beyond the realm of what scientific instruments can detect and beyond any mathematical equation. If someone fails to acknowledge something unproven we should not judge him or her by any measure. They can still live a life as kinder and more loving humans than some who fanatically claim to be the chosen ones of God.

However, an unseen presence beyond our five senses has been felt by many which even responds to our thoughts and the more we acknowledge this presence the more it responds for some. Perhaps in the wheel of life this is a point that humans reach at some time in their life.

To those who are at a point in the wheel where only objective things make sense and who therefore believe in the existence of molecules that constitute the air which have been proven by science - they must not fail to acknowledge the oxygen in the air and be grateful to it for their sustenance.

A good start for acknowledgment is to start being grateful for all that we know sustains us, and more so because these elements of life sustain us unconditionally. And don't forget to acknowledge every experience you have, for every experience has a purpose.

Acknowledgements are unbelievably rewarding!!!

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For a deeper understanding of life I recommend the book pictured below
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