November 19, 2018

Will AI take away your job?

An AI assistant
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most prized investment that the biggest tech companies of the world are making and pumping millions of dollars into it. Take a look at the top 10 investors – Google, Amazon, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Uber, Twitter, AOL, Facebook and Salesforce.

Why is AI so attractive to those with deep pockets? Because these intelligent machines that mimic the neural networks of the human brain can be taught to think and act like humans using what is known as deep learning. By showing the machine real life situations say of symptoms of a disease and then a group of expert doctors telling it what the disease is and what the best possible cure is the machine becomes as intelligent as a panel of doctors, if not more. Instead of going to an expensive doctor you can choose to access the machine owned by a corporate giant, pay a lesser fee and get cured with the machines advice.

AI has started to take away jobs, of chauffeurs with autonomous cars on the road, of private secretaries with machine assistants making your phone calls for appointments and many more jobs will go as machines already in the process of deep learning come into the market.

To those who say that alternate jobs will be created by AI such as programmers of AI machines, just consider the number of jobs lost against the number of jobs created because of AI. A recent report by McKinsey predicts that by 2030, as many as 800 million jobs could be lost worldwide to automation.

So who makes money while those who lose jobs lose money? The ones who own AI machines and the one you used to work for before you lost your job to a machine, in spite of the fact that products and services would become cheaper for the consumer with greater efficiency of AI machines over humans.

Ethics of AI will become all important as AI progresses both in terms of its intelligence and its extension into the workplace.

At present, ethics of AI revolves around ‘’The Three Laws of Robotics’’ devised by the science fiction author Isaac Asimov:
1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
2. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.

Asimov also added a fourth, or zeroth law, to precede the others:
0. A robot may not harm humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.

The Three Laws, and the zeroth, have impacted thought on ethics of artificial intelligence.

But, what if a murderer attacks another human being and that human being whips out a knife in self-defence. By the time the robot sees this circumstance, the two are trying to kill each other. Unaware who is the murderer, the robot injures both humans because its inaction will allow two human beings to come to harm!

A big question – Should we use AI as weapons of destruction?

And, another big question – Does doing away with jobs on a large scale, worldwide, harm humanity?

Ethics of artificial intelligence must be addressed by the UN along with all stakeholders because if only industry organisations formulate the ethics there will certainly be conflict of interest.

Some of the important decisions that will have to be taken by governments will be appropriate amount of insurance premiums to be paid by automation machine manufacturers and service providers in order to provide a limited period income support for those who lose jobs to automation. Among other things, this income support will be needed for re-training of jobless people.

The good side of income support for re-training if you lose your job to automation is that you can build your creative talents and critical thinking skills which cannot be replaced by a machine. And, if you are able to earn money from these talents and skills by setting up a small business, you can perhaps spend more quality time with family and friends than you did when you were in a job!

June 2, 2018

You Are A Dreaming Emperor

Beyond the mind is the Seer from which all things arise - All thoughts and all objects.

The Seer is like the Ocean and all these things that arise and disappear are waves of the Ocean.

You are the Ocean but you can become conscious you are the Ocean only if you drop all thoughts for a second.

For a second let there be NO word in your mind.

NO Word is NOW. You are now the Ocean, but not in the Ocean. Everything else that you observe now is a wave in this Ocean.

You are now the dreamer and the waves are your dreams - the relationships, the house, the vehicle, the food, all have become dreams of a dreamer.

The dreamer and the dream are one and not separate. The Ocean and the waves are one and not separate.

And, there is only one Ocean, which is the Emperor of all that exists! Realise that you are the Emperor of all dreams!! You are a dreaming Emperor!!!

June 1, 2018

The Pursuit Of Balance

In a world of duality, opposites exist so that you can experience each attribute that exists. In the absence of darkness you cannot experience light. In the absence of smallness you cannot experience bigness.

Experiencing the opposites is like learning to ride a bicycle. You tilt to the left and you tilt to the right before you can come to the center and ride with balance. At times you can even fall down and hurt yourself which is similar to becoming an alcoholic who goes out of balance with over drinking. Sometimes to regain balance, an alcoholic quits drinking completely for a few years only to fall back into the habit of drinking again. This is a pendulum movement of your consciousness for attaining balance at the center of consciousness. When you finally attain balance you automatically feel light and that is enlightenment.

The pursuit of enlightenment does not lead to enlightenment but the pursuit of balance leads to enlightenment.

When in balance, apart from the feeling of lightness which results in a spring in your step at every moment, you will also feel gladness and satisfaction. This feeling is very similar to the one you may have felt when you actually first learned to ride a bicycle without any props.

Some tips for attaining balance:
  1. Engage with life and withdraw from activities (by doing some form of meditation) on a daily basis.
  2. Engaging with selfless service gives balance because there is no expectation of material gain or loss.
  3. Engaging in daily exercise helps the body and mind to remain in balance.
  4. Passions must be accompanied with compassion.
  5. A balanced diet designed by a nutritionist will help in getting your organs into balance.
  6. Sadness is okay. Embrace it because it must balance happiness.
  7. Pain is okay. Embrace it because it must balance pleasure.
  8. 'No judgement' helps you to remain at the center because you are not swaying your consciousness towards ‘good’ or ‘bad’. View everything just as it is. Black is black and not good or bad!
  9. Acceptance of things, outside of yourself, as they are, is a powerful tool towards being in balance. If you cannot accept them, then accept the responsibility to change them as a selfless service.
  10. Do not feel inferior or superior to anyone or anything. You are unique and awesome just as you are!
  11. Be natural. Refrain from putting on dramas with people you engage with, on a daily basis.

July 7, 2015

If You Can’t Acknowledge God, What Should You Acknowledge?

Your life is a collection of experiences, which really means that it is less than The Whole because The Whole includes all experiences possible in the past, present and future. If you were The Whole there would be nothing to experience because the past, present and future would all be there at once, so if you are experiencing something, you are not The Whole. 

You can experience things because The Whole has been divided into parts for you to sense them bit by bit, moment to moment and thus have an experience of a question and an answer, of moving from one place to another, of having parts not yet known labeled as "mysteries" so that experience is continuous.

So if mysteries will always exist, (shouldn't they to make life exciting?) then you cannot ever prove everything fully. And, you need not acknowledge something you are not aware of!

The drop cannot prove the infinite Ocean but the infinite Ocean can certainly move towards proving Itself if It adds up the drops. Each of your experiences could be a drop in the Ocean being automatically aggregated by the Ocean. Now that's also a mystery!!!

If we call The Whole, God, then God cannot be proved by any known science of today because God is beyond the realm of what scientific instruments can detect and beyond any mathematical equation. If someone fails to acknowledge something unproven we should not judge him or her by any measure. They can still live a life as kinder and more loving humans than some who fanatically claim to be the chosen ones of God.

However, an unseen presence beyond our five senses has been felt by many which even responds to our thoughts and the more we acknowledge this presence the more it responds for some. Perhaps in the wheel of life this is a point that humans reach at some time in their life.

To those who are at a point in the wheel where only objective things make sense and who therefore believe in the existence of molecules that constitute the air which have been proven by science - they must not fail to acknowledge the oxygen in the air and be grateful to it for their sustenance.

A good start for acknowledgment is to start being grateful for all that we know sustains us, and more so because these elements of life sustain us unconditionally. And don't forget to acknowledge every experience you have, for every experience has a purpose.

Acknowledgements are unbelievably rewarding!!!

December 16, 2014

The New Age Religion

If the purpose of life is self-actualization and if God is not a deprived being requiring worship then the purpose of traditional religions becomes limited.

True worship would be to realize your purpose through deep experience and the temple would be you. Yes, you who are reading this right now are your own temple!

If God requires anything of you then it is to live your life purposefully in unison with God. That is your religion! The Creator has given you a purpose and that purpose is to conceive of your desires which lie within your passions, create circumstances for their fulfillment, and then experience fully what you conceived of. If God is a fire then the heat generated from that fire are your passions! Inseparable!!! 
So if you have to believe in anything, if you have to have faith in anything, it is your passions!

Since God cannot experience every conception in a bodily form, you are God's senses with a divine body for God to experience these in unison with you. You are anyway united with God just as water molecules are united with the ocean, so you don't have to meditate 24x7 to unite with the Divine. You are a divine being doing divine work on earth!

If you realize
 this is the purpose of all humans, you would not hurt another human for that would hurt your Creator too! So, be compassionate. Be human!

The expansionism of traditional religions also has limited purpose when the new order for expansionism is to expand your heart! The new buzz is to connect and expand rather than convert and expand!!! The more diverse interactions you have, the more your experiences, and the more your realizations.

Now, to actualize all that you conceive of, you need to be enthusiastic, creative, energetic, passionate, expressive and intelligent too! 
I can tell you this, that if you can be all of these and compassionate too, then your life will be filled with continuous joy!

And one more thing, don't forget to switch off your buzzing mind and hug your companion in your life purpose every now and then. Now you must be wondering who your companion is in this journey. "Is it my lover?'', you may ask. Yes it is your lover, your eternal lover, God!!!

August 3, 2014

The Grand Tree

The Human Being is the most advanced species of our planet, however humans are not as advanced as they can be. Humans have not reached their full potential both materially and non-materially!  Albert Einstein who is considered to be one the most intelligent humans that have ever lived on earth, only had 5% of his brain functional!!!

So what is it that we are missing out on that we haven’t grown to our fullest. A tree cannot grow big if it doesn't have deep roots. We have constantly been trying to grow materially without deepening are roots that lie in the non-material world. Unlike a tree, humans have to make a choice to grow their roots into the non-material world, and this choice is a simple choice – All you have to do is decide to awaken to this world yet unknown to you. Since you are only half-asleep, it’s possible to ask for guidance to awaken and receive this guidance as well.

Just say this silently within yourself, “What is it that I need to know to awaken’’.

As you receive and follow the guidance, which could come to you through the next person you meet or the movie you are about to see or an article already published that you may read, you start to awaken to your roots in the non-material world but, you must correspondingly awaken to your branches in the material world too – you must gather more knowledge and gather more physical strength.  There have been great sages who did long and deep meditations to awaken their roots but they were not great scientists or great athletes. Did you know, you can become a great sage, scientist and athlete all together, if you choose to!!!

Awakening to our roots also makes us realize that we are all connected, that we are all drawing water from the same source – The All Mind.  So, everyone has a right to all the fruit there is, as it has come from a common source, and therefore we must not forget to share the fruits of our tree with those around us. If we don’t share, we may create a dis-balance causing people who do not possess enough fruits to attack a fruit laden tree. The greedy too can attack a fruit laden tree, so we must not forget that a fruit laden tree needs to be protected from them, and humans, being more advanced than trees have a choice to protect themselves.

A tree doesn't judge those who come to its shade, because a tree has no choice, but humans can enjoy the feeling of compassion by choosing not to judge and allowing people to enjoy their shade without judgement. This is a great opportunity to show acceptance and to bless our fellow beings and it comes naturally to humans with deep roots. These are some divine human potentials we may be missing out on.

On a macroscopic level, we have examples of countries that have become big trees, but have not grown deep roots and so, have not realized that - we are all one. The economy of these countries failed to grow any further, for how can you have a bigger tree when the roots have not grown. In fact, a huge tree with shallow roots can collapse with its own weight!!!

So decide to wake up dear fellow human. Awaken your roots and awaken your branches to become a grand tree which has the deepest roots and the most widespread branches. Become a grand tree that is compassionate, knowledgeable, intelligent, wise, creative, strong and agile.

February 7, 2013

Life Is A Cruise

When you board a grand ship to go on a holiday cruise, you are immediately transported into a mood of fun and frolic. You have come to enjoy the journey for all the luxuries and the breathtaking views you will experience. The fine dining with all the gourmet dishes, some of which you have never tasted before; the romantic dance at the magnificent ballroom; the bar on the deck, on a sunny afternoon, serving the most exotic cocktails; and the swim in the open air heated pool, overlooking the vastness of the ocean! You have come aboard this luxurious cruise liner for all these, and many more, wonderful, exciting and luxurious things, to pamper your soul and to bring you that which each one of us seeks - happiness!!!

The planet earth is the grand ship which all of us have boarded for a leisurely cruise to enjoy all that it has to offer. Though it is inevitable that one day all of us have to leave the ship, some still waste their time planning for their departure from this ship or imagining their life outside the ship in what they call the 'afterlife', instead of using all the time they have, to explore this exciting place and all that the cruise has to offer. They forget that there is a life before the afterlife! Happiness is here and not there! The wisest thing is to experience all that your heart is pulled towards and not to miss out on any of the fun! Even when you are alone, look at the twinkling stars in the firmament and feel them dancing in your heart. Live your life to the fullest, else, when you are about to get off, you will regret all that you desired to do and were unable to enjoy!

Whoever has aided your cruise on planet earth will also ensure that you have all the resources to enjoy it, if only, you listen in to all the guidance being whispered into your heart and then make the necessary effort to do what you are required to do.

Humans have been travelling on this grand ship for around 200,000 years and your trip is barely about a 100 years. A very short holiday! So, why pick up fights on this cruise? Instead enjoy the journey.

Always remember, you are on a leisurely cruise and not on a hectic business trip!!!

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